Kia Sportage

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The car was first introduced in the mid-1990. It was available as a mini SUV till the year 2002 and Is now available as a compact crossover SUV. The car has a 2L 14 Diesel engine. The prices are at US $16,000. Though it has not gone well with the critics with some of them calling it a larger than the original first generation model and complain that it still has no off-road capability as that of the predecessor. There is an increased engine capability though which is more likely to favor the people.

The larger car makes the ride more fun and livelier with spacious interiors. The ratings that the car has received are nothing short of commendable. The car has been called the most reliable car and calling it one of the “20 least expensive cars of 2009 to insure”. This makes the car a very safe vehicle to travel in.

Saab 9-3 Sedan

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The Saab 9-3 sedan is a great buy for people who want a nice spacious car for them. It also has a proven safety record which makes the car a great ride for people out there. The car has seen a long lineage starting from the year 1970. With a variety of body styles available it also provides people with a lot of options. The car has followed the suit of the company providing good quality products at competitive prices. Besides the many advantages the Saab has a shortcoming of a low performance.

There is also a little defect with the interior of the car that is not at mark with the competitors from Germany and Japan. The sedan has a seating for up to five people though in reality a three people in the rear can be a tight spot. There is enough space for cargo for long travels.

Saab 9-3

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The Saab 900 is a compact executive car it can also be termed as a sports sedan. The car is manufactured by Saab automobile which was a subsidiary of the general motors and is now Saab spykar automobiles. The car is in its second generation at present which was first unveiled in the North American International Auto Show in the year 2002. The 2009 version of the car has undergone minor changes from its 2008 model which was a evolution from the subsequent models of the previous years.

The body style can be best said as a 2 door convertible and a 4 door sedan or a 4 door station wagon. It works on a GM Epsilon platform. The newer version still does not include the all-wheel-drive option that is now available in some of the cars because of constraints in its upper body. There are newer models that are launched this year, the 9-3X and the 9-3 Sportcombi.

Kia Optima Sedan

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The new kia optima sedan has broken all cliché’s that harrowed it for its first generation and has now promised refinement and a much better performance. The new kia optima has promised two trim levels that are base and EX. Both the versions of the car are avialble with an option of 175 bhp 2.4L or a 194 bhp 2.7L option.

The engine has a base four cylinder which provides good enough acceleration but there are six cylinders on offer in other cars in the same class that are much better performance wise. The looks and the interiors have been properly worked in and are quite spacious. Standard equipments are provided in the car with the stability control which is optional. The kia is quality but there are many other sedans too which give the same kind of performance in the other cars in the same category.