Honda making cars cost-competitive

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2011 will the launch of Honda’s new small car and it is putting in all its efforts to make it cost-competitive. As per the information from Honda management, 80 percent of the parts of its new car are localized.

They are being made in India itself which will make this new venture from Honda, the most cost-competitive amongst other new cars in 2011. The top officials of Honda are expecting to see the sales report of this new car as high as their most saleable model ‘city’. With this new car still in production phase, it has not been given any fixed brand name. For the time being, it is known as entry family car.

The earlier model of a small car from Honda, Jazz, failed in the market because of its high prices even after having 75 percent localized material. The lowest 28 percent of localized material goes for Honda’s Accord.

World Premiere of Audi A7 Sportback

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The stage was all set and Audi A7 sportback made its world premiere in Munich. This time, Audi A7 is all new with A7 sportback and targeting special section of people. The elegant five door model with world class comfort and looks is what Audi A7 is all about.

The four engines are very light weight which adds an extra living power to Audi A7. The thing to be talked about is the interiors of the car. With the special massage functions available at the front, it is a relaxation filled treat for the sports persons. Special climate control function gives driver the freedom to adjust the conditions inside the car.

The most sought after feature is the touchpad in the car. Type the name of the destination you want to reach or note down the telephone number. Touchpad is connected with internet and hence the Google via Bluetooth phone.

Vitamin ‘C’ Cars from Nissan

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Nissan motors are all set to gift its clients with the first ever ‘healthy’ car. It will be a boon for all those health conscious drivers as well as car owners. With the company launching its first ever novel car models with Vitamin C, the drivers will experience the best ever breathing conditions inside the car.

As per the information, the main motto of the Nissan motors engineers behind this concept was to make the drivers feel better inside the car than outside. These special cars from Nissan, apart from Vitamin C, possess many other exclusive health conscious features.

Air conditioners will give out the air nourished with vitamin C which is breathable. Also there are air purifiers which are installed to purify the air. The vitamin C will add give the maximum benefits to the skin by keeping it moisturized all the time. Easy chairs inside the car will help reducing back pain.

GM Response to Safety Concern in Pickup Trucks

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US’ big player GM has shown their responsibility and has already taken the steps to ensure safety in its pickup trucks. This took place after some models of the company faced the problem with its brakes in the hilly areas due to which the pickup trucks started rolling back.

This problem was first detected in its model Chevrolet Silverado 2500. As per the engineers working in GM and handling this problem, there was a big mistake in calibration value of the controlling software. The values entered earlier were unable to detect the steep hills and slopes and the truck rolled back as the foot was removed from brake.

However, GM has ensured that with the most modern technology available, this problem will be solved within days and the work has already been started. Now the every new heavy duty truck produced by GM will be calibrated with optimal performance verification test.

Delta Value Series Truck Toolboxes

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With its mastery in making truck toolboxes, Delta is the major player from last 40 years. It enjoys the status of being the only company to supply truck tool storage products of aluminum, steel, structural foam and polyethylene. The truck toolboxes supplied by Delta offer the combination of strength, durability and quality.

These can be purchased and even customized by placing the order. Steel toolboxes can take up to ten days whereas aluminum ones can take 15 days till they are shipped and transported to your place. But Delta also provides for emergency services and keeps well-built stock with all the models available for urgent supply.

The latest in the value series pickup truck toolboxes are the aluminum crossover toolboxes, slim line crossover toolboxes. The inner sides of this new range of toolbox are ideal for storing long and bulky tools and equipment. Moisture and dust are kept out with full weather stripping.

8000 Mile ‘Driver-Less’ Test

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Automobile technologies in the world have reached the greatest heights. This has been proved time and again by the engineers all over the world. Recently the latest technology becoming the most sensational is the driver less tests of the automobiles. It seems unimaginable when we think but it is actually going to be possible that vehicles will travel without drivers in the coming days.

One greatest sample of this is ready to be shown by Italian engineers who have put two driverless vehicles on the test for 3 month journey from Italy to China. This is the first ever longest driverless test drive which will be undertaken for 8000 miles long distance.

Driverless tests are the ultimate test of future prospects of automobile industry. The driverless vehicles are equipped with mobile cameras and scanners to detect the barriers in the journey. Some technicians accompany the vehicles in case there is an emergency on roads full of traffic.