The basics of motorcycle fairings

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Fairings are used on the motorcycle frames in-order to reduce air drag. Mentioning air drag, you need to need to have an essential explanation about it. Racer bikes going at 200-300 kmph as a normalcy, faces an incoming wind which slows down the bike creating a backward force called drag. Hence, to avoid or mitigate this effect, sports bikes employ these fairings to streamline the body resulting in a free-flow of air through the bike frame instead of the air impinging on the various parts causing interference. Other purposes of the fairings are the protection of the rider from airborne hazards and wind-induced hypothermia.

Basically, there are two types of motorcycle fairings you need to know about:

a) The front fairing
b) The rear fairing

They are further classified into Streamliner, Dustbin Fairing, Dolphin Fairing, Full-fairing, Half-fairing, Quarter fairing etc. Based on their placing and shape, they differ from each other.

Give your car a stylish makeover with HID bulbs

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More and more people today are going for the HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs on their cars replacing the usual halogen headlights. The HID bulbs come with nearly 20,000 volts to ignite the metal halide and xenon gas held within one sealed up glass tube above the bulb base.

The light that comes out is 3 times powerful than your conventional halogen bulb, improving the appearance of the car to a great extent. You will also find it in different colors like blue, brilliant blue, exotic violet, diamond white, white, golden yellow etc, depending on temperature. The most common is the golden yellow where the temperature is around 6000-8000 Kelvin.

Apart from giving your car a stylish makeover, the highly powerful HID bulbs are quite durable as well. They promise to last for 3,000 hours in an average compared to the halogen ones that last for only 300 hours. Besides, these are energy efficient and shock-resistant too.

Razor MX500, ride like a man

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The Razor MX500 is a motorcross bike which you can gift to your kids. Children love this model and they feel like they are riding a real bike. The bike is recommended for those who are 14 years or older. The Razor MX500 is affordable and is easy to handle. The bike is also safe and environment friendly.

The Razor MX500 uses a 500 watt electric motor. This motor can give power to ride very fast, up to 17 mph. yet the bike is very quiet and will not disturb the neighborhood. You can ride the bike on any surface- pavement, dirt or even grass. The bike has dual suspension coupled with riser handle bars. The tires are knobby which makes it easier to ride on uneven surface.

Since the Razor MX500 is powered by electricity, you need to charge the bike for about 8 hours. You can charge the bike once a week, if it is not used much. Go through the manual instructions properly after you buy the bike. You can also check out the customer reviews.