Land Rover Defender: A man’s toy

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Land Rover Defender, Land RoverAre you thinking of purchasing a typical Hollywood style car for yourself? Well then nothing will suit you better than getting a Land Rover Defender. When the famous Hollywood actress Liz Hurley rode her Land Rover in the movie Queen since then men had fallen not only for Hurley but also for this irresistibly hot looking car. This model of Land Rover got its influence from the early heritage of the army jeeps that were used in the war times.

The mounted frontal hoop and the station wagon lookalike model of the car have already created much hype among the car lovers all over the globe. The land rover company first presented its defender model in 1985, and then the latest model of the car has been built after rectifying and altering the previous styles and formats. The present day model possesses 4 liter V8 along with 190 horsepower and a 250 pound torque.

Honda Prelude: a sporty car with a twist

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Honda Prelude, sporty carThe new generation Honda Prelude is a stunning sports car. It has seen many generations and finally the fifth generation has come to be the best of its kind. When it comes to a Honda Prelude, there are many engine choices. The latest version has a 2.2 liter engine with a 200 horsepower. From manual it has gone to auto air conditioning and the new version also is designed with anti lock brakes. The new Honda Prelude series also has power windows, power steering and power door lock.

The gears in this machine are similar to that in a Porsche. The new and improved Honda Prelude has a sleek finish of a sports car and the comfort of a sedan. The fifth generation Honda Prelude has also scored a five star in the crash test. So if you are planning to buy a savvy and classy yet safe car, then the Honda Prelude will me your best choice.