The Mazda 6: Perfect Family Car

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The Mazda 6There are some cars that are not made for the performance and speed but for the usability that they offer. These are known as family cars and they have been around for a long period of time. One of the world’s best family cars is the Mazda 6 and it has been voted by all around the world as the best of its class. It has the perfect features and specifications to be the ideal family car that can be used for all needs of the family.

The car has a normal four door configuration that allows maximum space utilisation and also makes sure that all of the family can be seated in it with ease. They have a nice boot with loads of space for carrying all the materials that a family needs to carry while travelling. Added to all this it has the standard safety features of the modern cars and thus it comes across as a complete family car.

The Mazda 6: a perfect family car

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The Mazda 6, MazdaWell an introduction in this article is enough by just mentioning the two awards received by Mazda 6, “Family Car” and “Estate automobile of the Year 2010”!! So you know what the Mazda 6 can do.

To start on Mazda 6 is the best you have in the family car sector of the market. It is well praised for its affordable price range, pleasure to drive, and plenty of fun gear have  been bundled on to make those boring long road trips fun-filled.

The best part is that being space, it can fit in 5 passengers. And the good news is easy foldable seats, to increase the storage space to store goods for carriage. In one word a perfect value for your money!!

Just glide through these stunning features of the Mazda 6:

  • Air-conditioning with weather control switches.
  • Gadget freaks have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A centre support console.
  • Automatic head-lamps.
  • Satellite navigation features.
  • Airbags, electronic brakes, emergency break, etc there is more to it which varies from model and version.


So to conclude Mazda 6 comes with remote control features and high end safety standards. So a perfect car for you, so are you going for a test drive??

A Review of the Lexus CT200h

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Are you planning to buy a good looking, durable, economic, low maintenance car for your family? Well then nothing can be of better choice than selecting the latest Lexus CT 200h. Amazing hatchback package along with great fuel economy this latest Lexus model has already got enormous praise and adulation from the car lovers throughout the world. There is a brilliant infotainment section in this car that will let you know about the weather or about the status of gas in your car.

When it comes to good looks Lexus CT200h surpasses every other car but the main drawback of this car is that it lacks power. The cabin tech of this car is also not up to the mark compared to the models of BMW or Toyota and its pretty lagged behind in comparison with the cutting edge mechanisms also. It has about 135 horse power hybrid power system in its engine.

Safety features of the Toyota Avensis

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Toyota Avensis, Toyota Avensis featuresThe Toyota Avensis is one of the best cars that the automobile company Toyota has to offer. However the model has been constantly overshadowed by the other more popular models of Toyota. This however does not take any credit away from the Avensis. The Avensis has some great features and can be compared to one of the best models from Toyota.

Some of the features of the Toyota Avensis are as follows:

1)     The safety features of Toyota Avensis are first class with nine air bags, including a knee bag for the driver. The car offers active headrests as well.

2)     The car takes safety measure to a new level by including traction control and anti lock brakes.

3)     Toyota Avensis is an extremely fuel efficient car and provides a mileage of 7 liters for every 100km travelled.

4)     The car is extremely easy and comfortable to drive around the city and the driver will not face a single glitch.