Top 3 Porsche Models To Go For

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Porsche Models,PorschePorsche speaks of class and grandeur just by the mention of its name. Porsche or Porsche Automobile Holding SE is one of the best brands of cars created by the German automobile company called the European Public Company. Over the years Porsche has created some of the finest and most classy cars and even today, Porsche stands as one of the best brands to choose when it comes to cars. If you’re planning to buy a good Porsche, then here are some of the options you can choose from.

The 911 (993) Turbo’ is a good choice. It runs on twin turbo power and it’s got the looks as well. This was also the first Porsche car to use 4 wheel engines. The ‘924 S2 model is yet another good one. This is a little different than the other car models releases by Porsche and its unique bonnet style is what might get you interested. You will either love it or hate it- that’s the kind of intensity that the car gives out. Finally another model which you can go for is the Cayman S’. It has a Boxter Coupe which means it’s one of the first Porsche cars with a hard roof. It has good design and mileage as well.

Top 3 BMW models of 2012

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BMW models , BMW The first name in the list when it comes to the top models of BMW in the year of 2012 is the 128i. It is sometimes called the “entry level BMW”. It may be a starter but it is an economic option as it does not belong to the price tag of ninety thousand dollars. Another good thing about the car is that it is quite fuel efficient.

Another great model of the BMW family is the 328i Sedan. The minimum price in this range is about thirty four thousand dollars and it is a very affordable car and perhaps the most in this lineage. It has a Double VANOS technology, inline six cylinder engines and active steering. Another great model that makes the list of the top three BMW models of the year 2012 is the 1 Series M Coupe. It is also an entry level car and it starts from a range of forty seven.