3 important tips to extend your cars life

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Car care, auto tipsThere are various ways the car can be taken care of so as to extend its life. To keep in great shape for a long time the car need great amount of love. The best three ways are-

• Drive slow between 55mph to 88mph and never overload the car. At least for the first 1600km keep the car in a speed recommended by maker. Avoid overloading too.

• Drive the car carefully. No rash driving. Most of the wear and tear of the machine happens during the first 20 minutes of operation. The car must also be parked in shady places to prevent direct exposure to the ultra violet rays.

• The gas used in the car should be a filtered one. Also make sure that the pump filters at the gas station gets replaced at regular intervals. Therefore it is essential to fill gas from a reputed centre as there are some centers that mix gasoline in water.
These small considerations may make the car live a long life.

Top 3 luxury crossovers

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luxury crossovers, car reviewsLuxury crossovers and SUV’s have been considered to be few of the most enjoyable vehicles in the market presently. The vehicles offer huge amount of comfort and are capable of giving other luxurious features that make every of your ride memorable. However, when something gives you what you want and you tend to buy it, several individuals get diverged towards it.
There has been a stiff competition among the companies that provide such cars.
To name three of the top Vehicles:

1. Acura RDX: As per the name this vehicle is fantastic. It is a mini luxury crossover that has everything to make your ride amazing.

2. Cadillac SRX: This in one of the best luxury crossovers and SUV for the facilities it offers. It comprises of all the standard features that should be there in a luxury car.

3. BMW X5: This is a revered top class vehicle. It delivers one of a kind performance along with faster acceleration facilities.