How to land up with affordable auto insurance deals

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auto insurance, insuranceAuto insurance does not always have to be expensive. In fact there are certain ways how you can actually land up with an affordable and quality car insurance deal. Here are some pointers on how to crack cheap car insurance deals.

First of all, when you are looking for cheap insurance deals make sure to maintain a clean driving record. Get yourself trained from a well recognized driving school and always follow a safe driving practice. Then it’s better if you can settle with not so flashy models as the pricey cars attract more insurance premiums. If you are taking to flashy colors, you must take the additional effort to safeguard them with cutting edge car safety devices.

The teen drivers can get cheap car insurance deals by improving their class grades. Finally, if you can your home insured with the car from the sane company you can avail some good discounts on your insurance premium.

Purchasing a used car

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Purchasing a used carDo you want a car but are being deterred by their exorbitant price tags? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then purchasing a used car might be the perfect solution for you. A lot of people are wary about used cars but if you know how to buy a used car then you will be able to have a great vehicle without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you want to buy a used car, the first thing have to do is undertake a thorough research of the used cars market in your state. You can also check Craiglist to see the used cars that are listed on it. You can also look for used cars on some renowned online directories. After going through the sites, if you like a car in particular, you should call the seller and fix a meeting with him and see the car. If after seeing the car you are interested in purchasing it you can work out a deal with the seller.

How to make the right selection at car auctions

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car auctions, car selectionsIf you are planning to buy a second hand car then you should definitely try your luck at car auctions. When you go to buy a second hand car at such auctions, there are a few things, which you should consider you make sure you make the right selection. If you know any car technician or mechanic, or someone who knows details and specifications about cars, then take him or her along. This will help you select a car after considering every little detail.

It’s always good to know the history of car sales in the auction to know if they have successful sales. Know about the make and type of car you want. When you find something you like, enquire about the year of making and condition of the car. Take it for a trust drive if it’s allowed. Most second hand car sales allow test-drives so go for it. Take the expert or mechanic, which you bring along with you. Know about the mileage as well.

Honda Accord 2013- Excellent Family Sedan with Rewarding Performance

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Honda Accord, HondaHonda Accord is one of the best crafted family sedans from the eminent Nippon manufacturer. The new Honda release features a fantastic blend of excellent fuel economy, superb packaging & rewarding performance.

You will surely be amazed with its high quality roomy interior and the sedan is powered by highly upgraded interior materials. It’s revamped cabin has been stocked with cutting edge connectivity features. You will get Bluetooth, USB & Pandora facilities with the new mid size Sedan. The car is available in coupe design as well.

The new Honda sedan is equipped with a 4 cylinder 2.4 l engine which is paired with CVT which enables the car to earn an estimated EPA of 27 mpg for city drive and 36 mpg for highway & a combined rating of 30 mpg. The engine will generate 185 HP and 181 lb torque ft. You are assured of precise handling as well.