Considering a used car off late?

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used carAre you planning to invest on a used car recently? It could be that you need a car urgently on a tight budget or that you have to have spare car along with the existing one. Well, regardless of the reason urging you for a used vehicle, the investment usually carries some fantastic advantages. The post below highlights on the many benefits assured by the second hand cars over the new ones.

Lower price

The most obvious benefit of taking to used cars is that here you are always getting a lower price tag. For example, a used sports vehicle which was around 80,000 USD 2 years back can be available at half the price. The escalating price range of new cars has rendered it almost impossible to afford the new vehicles and thus the budget-friendly used cars are certainly a relief here- after all, cars are indispensable investment these days. Actually, a good bit is that the second-hand models aren’t subjected to the sales tax- in case of new cars, the sales tax comprises around 7 percent of sales price. Just make sure that you are buying from reputed dealers who can assure of thorough inspection and quality testing on the used cars in their showroom.

Lower registration charge

It’s good to inform here that used vehicles also ensure cheaper registration charge. The DMV generally charges lesser while registering cars over 5 years. Thus, your used vehicle can save you around 200 dollars on registration in comparison to the new vehicle.

Lower rate of insurance

You will be glad top know that used cars carry lower insurance rates in relation to the new cars. It’s chiefly because the new vehicles are more expensive with higher value & it would always cost more in case the new car parts needs replacement.