Sedan versus Hatchback- which one to go for?

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Sedan versus HatchbackAre you planning a new steam off late and is confused on whether to choose a hatchback or a sedan? Well, sedan vs. hatchback is a regular debate in the auto sector and it’s only natural that would be in such a dilemma as well. In some countries hatchbacks outsell the sedans while many nations portray a completely different picture. However, the seasoned auto aficionados generally vote higher for hatchbacks than the sedans. The post below is a brief highlighting on a discussion between hatchback versus sedan.

To start with, hatchback is preferred over sedan given its practicality. The hatchback options allow you to fold down rear seats to make bigger space for cargo. A hatchback usually offers more cargo space than sedan. The most wanted hatchback for great cargo space is Mazda 3 hatchback that provides around 43 cubic feet cargo space. Mazda3 sedan only offers for 11.8 cubic feet cargo space.

On the other hand, hatchbacks are usually refused by those who are in quest of cool wheels. According to many sedans are more stylish over their hatchback counterparts and hence would be a perfect fashion statement. Actually, it’s the Ford Pinto and AMC Gremlin that are responsible for such a notion behind hatchbacks.

Then, again, hatchbacks are preferred by a lot of wise car owners given that they can offer a fantastic resale value, which is way further than the sedans. Some of the potential sedans with amazing resale value are Subaru Impreza hatchback, Mazda Speed3, MINI Cooper etc. Each of these has been predicted to bring in 58 percent value even after 3 years.

Finally, one of the serious complaints about hatchback is that it offers easy view on its cargo which makes them susceptible to burglary. This is not the case with sedans. However, the problem can be solved somehow by installing high end locks and burglar alarms in your car.