2014 Cadillac CTSThis model of is well known as the one for having turned the phase for Cadillac. This five passenger model was introduced in the year 2002. This series has now included wagon, coupe and other brilliant models which enable it to compete in the market with well established brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Third generation of CTS will be launched in 2014. Some of the notable changes that are made are as follows:

1. Design: Some elementary changes in its design can be noticed such as headlamps, rear deck treatments. But the size is expected to be the same as the old one. You can expect an updated instrument panel.
2. Models: Sedan body styles are what will go forward for Cadillac CTS series. Plans have been made to drop the wagon and coupe style. Improvising on styles will be done on smaller ATS. This one will be taken forward to compete with BMW.
3. Upmarket: The third generation models of CTS will be priced keeping in mind its ability to compete with German models. Cadillac CTS will bring a good package of accessories and grater trim levels.
4. Powertrains: It is expected that a diesel run CTS will be launched but not before 2015. Cadillac CTS will offer manual and automatic six-pace transmissions. But a rumor about turbo charged engine with four cylinders will not be fulfilled.

The new sedan has longer a wheel base which makes it a real mid size sedan. It has incorporated Caddy’s brand new LED lights which are very striking. It consists of 17 inches alloy wheel, rear parking sensors, heated mirrors, and a display screen. It also has some of the electronic equipments such as Bluetooth phone and Onstar telematics. The sound quality is amazing comprising of 11 speaker sound audio system along with 3 USB ports.


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