Top Five Family Cars 2014 In America

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cars in USYou already have a lot of tough decisions to make in life and you sure do not want another one to get added to the list. Finding the right car might as well turn out to be a hard decision that you have to make however here are some of the best family cars for this year, that will help ease your decision.

• Mazda Mazda3: it is one of the affordable small cars. They are available as hatchbacks as well as a compact car. Both are total winners. It has a nimble handling and an excellent fuel economy. They come with a long list of available tech features. There is only one con with the sedan that there is not enough cabin space. It has a powerful engine, upscale cabins and a sporty handling. This car can easily compete with many higher priced cars. This car has also won the 2014 best compact car and best hatchback for families awards.

• Bulck Verano: it has a car ranking of 6 out of 13 upscale small cars. The pros of the car are the smooth and quiet ride along with a good cargo space. There is an upscale cabin. Like everything else this one also has its cons of being low on fuel economy for the class. The interior controls are also very confusing. The car delivers a cushy ride with luxurious interior finishes. It ha probably the best combination of factors that appeal to families. It has also been named as the best upscale car for families for the year 2014.

• Chevrolet Impala: this car provides you with balanced handling and a large trunk. They also have attractive and high-end interiors. The high-quality of interior and its aggressive styling and the amount of available features makes the redesigned Chevrolet Impala makes it stand out as a modern and comfortable large car. Among its class it comes with the best combination of long-term ownership costs and its price. The only drawback is its sluggish infotainment system.

• Ford Fusion Hybrid: it is ranked 4th among the affordable mid-sized cars. It has exceptional fuel economy, a spacious cabin and a quiet power-train, which makes it a great mid-sized hybrid. The car yet has touchy brakes and a glitchy infotainment system. Despite of that it has been entitled as the best hybrid family car for 2014.

• Chevrolet Tahoe: the car with its refined power-train, straight forward interior and a comfortable ride definitely wins over all its rivals and competitors. It is powered by a V8 engine that impresses the driver with its ample power and smooth operation. It has a six-speed automatic transmission. It has a better fuel economy than most other large SUVs. The navigation, stereo and climate controls have all been made very simple and user friendly. But if you have to increase the cargo capacity you have to remove the third row. It also has optional features of rear-seat entertainment system, automatic tri-zone climate control.