Car tires care

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Car tires careIf you have not thought enough about this extremely important component of your car, tires, then you are not taking good care of them. This can turn out to be very risky. A tire that is worn out can lose air pressure and can blast while you are driving the car. A tire that does not have the same grooves as it did when it was new, is unable to properly go past wet roads and hence can make your car skid. To make sure that your car performs well and that you and whoever travels with you is safe sitting in it, you must take good care of your car tires.

You must know the different tire pressures. There are appropriate pressures when there is a lot of load on the car (heavy luggage along with passengers) and different recommended pressures when you are driving in common conditions. Apply what is needed. You must check the tire pressure before you set off for a trip or a long drive.

Tires that are under inflated change the car’s safe handling as well as increase the fuel consumption. On the other hand, over inflated tires cause reduced grip and difficult rides. Both make your tires wear out sooner. Make sure your tires are appropriately inflated so that you can enjoy a long tire life, maximum grip and balanced braking.

Bald tires are not only extremely dangerous but illegal as well. So save your life and your fine and make sure your tires are well tread. Also, whenever you buy new tires, you should get your wheel alignment checked. In fact it is advisable to get this checked every 10,000 kilometres or every six months. Incorrect alignment can cause sudden vibrations in the car while you are driving, and if neglected for long, it can damage your car’s suspension mechanisms and steering too.

Worried after reading all of it? Don’t be. Just go to a proper tire dealership and get them checked. When your tires are in good shape, you are guaranteed of great car performance and road safety.


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