Sedan versus Hatchback- which one to go for?

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Sedan versus HatchbackAre you planning a new steam off late and is confused on whether to choose a hatchback or a sedan? Well, sedan vs. hatchback is a regular debate in the auto sector and it’s only natural that would be in such a dilemma as well. In some countries hatchbacks outsell the sedans while many nations portray a completely different picture. However, the seasoned auto aficionados generally vote higher for hatchbacks than the sedans. The post below is a brief highlighting on a discussion between hatchback versus sedan.

To start with, hatchback is preferred over sedan given its practicality. The hatchback options allow you to fold down rear seats to make bigger space for cargo. A hatchback usually offers more cargo space than sedan. The most wanted hatchback for great cargo space is Mazda 3 hatchback that provides around 43 cubic feet cargo space. Mazda3 sedan only offers for 11.8 cubic feet cargo space.

On the other hand, hatchbacks are usually refused by those who are in quest of cool wheels. According to many sedans are more stylish over their hatchback counterparts and hence would be a perfect fashion statement. Actually, it’s the Ford Pinto and AMC Gremlin that are responsible for such a notion behind hatchbacks.

Then, again, hatchbacks are preferred by a lot of wise car owners given that they can offer a fantastic resale value, which is way further than the sedans. Some of the potential sedans with amazing resale value are Subaru Impreza hatchback, Mazda Speed3, MINI Cooper etc. Each of these has been predicted to bring in 58 percent value even after 3 years.

Finally, one of the serious complaints about hatchback is that it offers easy view on its cargo which makes them susceptible to burglary. This is not the case with sedans. However, the problem can be solved somehow by installing high end locks and burglar alarms in your car.

Considering a used car off late?

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used carAre you planning to invest on a used car recently? It could be that you need a car urgently on a tight budget or that you have to have spare car along with the existing one. Well, regardless of the reason urging you for a used vehicle, the investment usually carries some fantastic advantages. The post below highlights on the many benefits assured by the second hand cars over the new ones.

Lower price

The most obvious benefit of taking to used cars is that here you are always getting a lower price tag. For example, a used sports vehicle which was around 80,000 USD 2 years back can be available at half the price. The escalating price range of new cars has rendered it almost impossible to afford the new vehicles and thus the budget-friendly used cars are certainly a relief here- after all, cars are indispensable investment these days. Actually, a good bit is that the second-hand models aren’t subjected to the sales tax- in case of new cars, the sales tax comprises around 7 percent of sales price. Just make sure that you are buying from reputed dealers who can assure of thorough inspection and quality testing on the used cars in their showroom.

Lower registration charge

It’s good to inform here that used vehicles also ensure cheaper registration charge. The DMV generally charges lesser while registering cars over 5 years. Thus, your used vehicle can save you around 200 dollars on registration in comparison to the new vehicle.

Lower rate of insurance

You will be glad top know that used cars carry lower insurance rates in relation to the new cars. It’s chiefly because the new vehicles are more expensive with higher value & it would always cost more in case the new car parts needs replacement.

How to land up with affordable auto insurance deals

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auto insurance, insuranceAuto insurance does not always have to be expensive. In fact there are certain ways how you can actually land up with an affordable and quality car insurance deal. Here are some pointers on how to crack cheap car insurance deals.

First of all, when you are looking for cheap insurance deals make sure to maintain a clean driving record. Get yourself trained from a well recognized driving school and always follow a safe driving practice. Then it’s better if you can settle with not so flashy models as the pricey cars attract more insurance premiums. If you are taking to flashy colors, you must take the additional effort to safeguard them with cutting edge car safety devices.

The teen drivers can get cheap car insurance deals by improving their class grades. Finally, if you can your home insured with the car from the sane company you can avail some good discounts on your insurance premium.

Purchasing a used car

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Purchasing a used carDo you want a car but are being deterred by their exorbitant price tags? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then purchasing a used car might be the perfect solution for you. A lot of people are wary about used cars but if you know how to buy a used car then you will be able to have a great vehicle without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you want to buy a used car, the first thing have to do is undertake a thorough research of the used cars market in your state. You can also check Craiglist to see the used cars that are listed on it. You can also look for used cars on some renowned online directories. After going through the sites, if you like a car in particular, you should call the seller and fix a meeting with him and see the car. If after seeing the car you are interested in purchasing it you can work out a deal with the seller.

How to make the right selection at car auctions

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car auctions, car selectionsIf you are planning to buy a second hand car then you should definitely try your luck at car auctions. When you go to buy a second hand car at such auctions, there are a few things, which you should consider you make sure you make the right selection. If you know any car technician or mechanic, or someone who knows details and specifications about cars, then take him or her along. This will help you select a car after considering every little detail.

It’s always good to know the history of car sales in the auction to know if they have successful sales. Know about the make and type of car you want. When you find something you like, enquire about the year of making and condition of the car. Take it for a trust drive if it’s allowed. Most second hand car sales allow test-drives so go for it. Take the expert or mechanic, which you bring along with you. Know about the mileage as well.

Tips on automobile insurance

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automobile insurance, insuraceAutomobile insurance is a must to own. Driving your vehicle without insurance is both illegal and unsmart. It is unsmart as you never know what the roads hold for you. So getting it covered before hand is a smart way. Here are certain tips for you so that you can buy the best insurance for your automobile.

• Before buying insurance it is always advised to look in for more options. Buying the first one is never a good idea. Looking for options may cost you less.
• There are certain deals that even offer you good discounts. So, looking for discounts is another good option.
• One thing which few people know is that combining all your insurance under one company is more beneficial. They cover a lot more and that too at a less cost.

So as now you know all the various tricks of buying an automobile insurance you can look into the market and buy a good valued insurance for your automobile. So go ahead and cover your automobile beforehand.

What Costs Should I Consider When I Purchase A Car?

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If you are in the midst of purchasing a car, chances are your head is spinning. You may still be narrowing down your favorite vehicle choices and trying to figure out just how much each one will cost you. While it’s easy to just look at the purchase price, that’s not the only cost you need to factor into your analysis of vehicle expense. Here are a few others that are key to consider:

Fuel. Gas prices may vary considerably over the time that you own your vehicle, but it is one expense that you are guaranteed to have so make sure you take it into consideration when deciding whether you really need a bigger engine or an SUV.

buy car online tipsReliability. A car that has a better track record for reliability should keep your repair expenses down over the years. It also may allow you to keep this vehicle for longer, delaying your timeline for needing to purchase your next vehicle. Make sure to check out Consumer Reports for information on your model’s reliability ratings.

Insurance. Like fuel, insurance is another monthly bill that is required for car ownership. Before you make a final decision on your purchase, call your insurance provider and get quotes on some of the models you’re looking at to understand whether one will cost significantly more or less to insure.

Financing. If you are financing your car, there is no question that the rate at which you secure your loan will have a huge impact on your monthly payment. Make sure you don’t just rely on the dealer’s financing offer. In the end, they may offer the best rate or option, but be sure to check with your bank or credit union as well to ensure that’s the case.


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