DODGE SPRINTER : Fuel Injectors Help Performance

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It is a well established fact that the average SUV, minivans and the trucks last for a span of five to six years maximum. But apart from this the van with the full size actually lasts for more than a decade and not merely years. These designs doesn’t get old so quickly but when new designs do really come along like it did for Dodge in 2003 it is indeed a moment to cherish and enjoy.

The sprinter van was sold in the market first in the year 1995 as Mercedes Benz. The car was a revolutionary in its own way with its improved style and enhanced beautification. The car was a step ahead towards the direction of growth and kept both fiat and fords much to think about the stylizing aspect of cars. The dodge sprinter is a machine meticulously designed to adhere to the imagination of a car lover.

Dodge Nitro

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Coming from the Dodge division of Chrysler, the Dodge Nitro is a compact SUV that comes with a great combination of features in terms of styling and performance. The SUV encompasses an aggressive crosshair grille, sculpted lines and chrome and brushed silver accents. It also comes with a great storage solutions, innovative technology as well as sporty performance. The interior is made up of assorted colors and a comfortable seating with the best front hip room and reclining rear seating.

What makes this the best choice is the flexibility it offers in storage options. It comes with great storage options to enable the user carry all without compromising. It is made with great safety and security options with features of accident avoidance, protection and parking assistance. The Nitro gives any user stability control by the availability of the electronic stability control that works with the anti-lock brake system to streamline the Nitro’s course. It offers excellent performance thanks to the capable engine and slick transmissions.

Dodge Challenger

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The Dodge Challenger model has enjoyed innovative transformations since its earliest dates back in the 1970’s. The 2010 Dodge Challenger models, more than any other of the predecessors showcases novel design, with front and rear balance in terms of shape. It has double-action circular headlights, a sports vehicle type of fuel door, and a high-performance engine of up to 6.1 liter capacity. Its back lamps are ideal for the make especially during high speed driving and in car racing.

Its interior features are innovative with multimedia back up, Uconnect link and trophy storage compartment. Its fuel capacities range from the 6.1 for the highest engine acceleration, the 5.7 liter engine for fuel economy and convenience and the 3.5-liter capacity for constant speed levels. All these can be controlled automatically to meet any driving needs. This Chrysler auto make comes in selected colors other than the orange hue that was original to the car model.

Dodge Nitro

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The Dodge Nitro is the latest model as far as SUVs is concern and comes with all the greatest features. If you are shopping for a car that will not only offer you comfort but also high performance, then you have to look at the Dodge Nitro. The manufacturers of this car did not only have performance when they created it but they also wanted something that offer luxury and one that can cruise in any surface. That is why it is fitted with a V6 engine size which is capable of producing 320 horsepower.

If you are also looking for speed, you have to go for this car. It also has several safety features such as the driver’s airbags, curtain airbags as well as side passenger’s airbags. This is the latest trend of SUVs and you will not miss to see its design that is tailored at offering the driver more legroom as well as the passengers.