2105 Ford Mustang

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2105 Ford MustangThe brand new 2105 Ford Mustang is finally out. It is the sixth generation iconic pony car and this is the first targeted to a global audience. The original Ford Mustang made its debut in New York at the 1964’s World Fair and almost 50 years later, the new 2105 Mustang is revealed. What was special about the revelation of this car was the fact that this time it took place concurrently at six cities on four different continents.

As you will see, the clean-sheet design which will be present in both the fastback and the upcoming convertible variation displays the unique Mustang character. This can be owed to the long sculpted hood, tri-bar tail-lights, short rear deck, and fastback design. There will also be tons of new elements that will appeal to buyers beyond the U.S. What adds to the uniqueness of this car is the lower and wider stance.

Besides the beautiful styling, the new technology is something you can brag about. The best part is the new chassis, making it the most nimble yet. The idea was to make the car more dynamic.

The car boasts of an all-new front and rear suspension system. This includes a multi-link setup at the rear with a new perimeter sub frame in the front that helps to stiffen the structure and at the same time reduces mass. This provides for a better foundation which will ensure more predictable wheel control. This will benefit your handling, steering and ride.

They have kept the familiar design of the cabin. However, the materials which have been used are much nicer than the ones used in previous versions. Also, there is more space. The high-tech features include driver-adjustable stability, throttle and transmission systems, and steering systems and launch control. It also includes Shaker Pro audio; and blind-spot monitors, SYNC with My Ford Touch as well as cross-traffic alert.

A preview 2013 Ford SUVs

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2013 Ford SUVs. FordOne of the leading companies in the field of cars is the Ford Motor Company. From sport utility cars to normal cars this company has given its customers, the finest qualities of cars that they would have expected. With 2013 just around the corner, this company is setting to introduce more models. Since the SUV model became their biggest hit they will bring in new versions of that model. Ford Escape is one of the new modifications of SUV that will be launched in 2013.

This car will have the largest engine that any car has ever seen. Another SUV model that will be launched in the middle of 2013 is the Ford Edge. This car will have a standard engine but the main point of attraction is the Eco Boost in the engine that will make 240 hp. So get ready for some of the best features in cars because everyone has a dream to have one.

Ford Figo

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The Ford Figo is designed with colloquial Italian cool. When looked at from the front, it is typically designed to look like that of a typical Ford such as the Ford Fiesta and Ikon all of which are produced in India. When looked at from the back, the Figo resembles a Fusion because of the mounted vertical rail lamps in D-pillar. It has some of the great features with a front air dam below the grille and its design conveys a dynamic spirit of energy in motion.

Quality, substance and generous proportions are clearly evident in the design of the Ford Figo, which features a solid stance, an invitingly large interior and a vibrant, youthful character. Its package is right-sized for the market, which is predominated by congested urban driving conditions. This vehicle is meant for those people who love speed and who value the feature that a car has.

Ford Mustang

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The Ford Mustang is one of the greatest survivor vehicles of the classic American muscle cars and is sold always in coupe and in most cases they are in convertibles and they are 2 +2 fastback which has been added since its coming into the market in 1964. The Ford Mustang is the only surviving car of the original pony cars which has enjoyed production ever since. To remain in the market is not easy though because there are many things which were changed just to make it a more comfortable and efficient car. If you want a high flying and high performance car then you have to consider going for the Ford Mustang which is a vehicle of the elites.

The current Ford Mustang is offered in coupe as well as convertibles and the best one of them is the V6 model that comes with a standard 3.7 liter V6 and is capable of producing 305 horsepower and 280 pound feet of torque.