Review of 2013 Wrangler Jeep

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2013 Wrangler JeepThe New 2013 Jeep Wrangler is a delight to drive, off the road. The upgraded car has a V6 engine, which is a standard component of the Wrangler cars.

The engines packs in enough power, but safety wise the car’s rating is a bit low. It’s rough and tough built indicates, it’s not made for the car like rides, but on a rough and un-even road, you can drive it for maximum adrenaline. One advantage of this model is it doesn’t have the unnecessary frills, thus keeping the price low. The features it offers are basic and standard though this model cuts on the backseat and cargo space.

Customizable features include air conditioning, power windows and door locks. The new car is more refined and aesthetically built with enough leg space in the front. It also adds features like navigation system, leather seats and front seats which are heated internally.

How to install a skid plate on your Jeep

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Install a skid plate on Jeep, jeep careHere is a quick guide as to how you can protect the gas tank of your jeep by installing a skid plate if your jeep doesn’t come with one:

• Turn on the engine and let it run for a long time after you have opened the hood and removed the fuel pump. This will help depressurize the pressure lines coming from the fuel tank, which is quite high.
• Remove the negative batteries when the jeep has stopped running.
• Use your glasses and a gas mask for safety reasons and remove the cap from the fuel filler.
• Use a floor jack to raise the tank to a level and hold it there while you remove the bolts from the front and back of the stock tank.
• Disconnect all fuel and emission lines.
• Push the skid plate under the gas tank and place it correctly and bolt is together tightly.

Jeep Cherokee: A sturdy drive

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Jeep Cherokee, jeepFor terrain drivers jeep Cherokee are no less than a boon. The style and performance of jeep Cherokee make people fall flat for it. Even the rear, in the interior of a jeep Cherokee has enough space to accommodate at least two people. A little squeeze can fit in the third one too. The flexible booth of the jeep is of humongous size. It has no less than 40 to 60 split-fold rear seats. Jeep Cherokee has quality materials in all its parts. The plastics used in the jeep Cherokee are highly durable with its shut lines efficiently sealed.

The doors are extremely strong. All these viable points garner the name of the journey which is envied by other. The Jeep Cherokee provides a very sturdy drive journey. The speed controls, ABS along with ESP is one of the salient features of the vehicle. This 4*4 is the fastest moving vehicle in all the major countries of the world. The vehicle contradicts is size in terms of the carbon dioxide emission, which is just 242 gms/kg which makes the car go greener.

Jeep Compass

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The Jeep Compass is a car of its kind as it offers some of the latest components like power windows, door lock as well as passenger assist. This vehicle was basically designed to compete with other compact vehicles as well as the car based SUVs but it is not as powerful as the Jeep Celebrity which is a six-cylinder engine. The Jeep Compass is sold for $15, 425 and the standard Jeep Compass Sport comes with two-wheel drive, an auxiliary audio input jack, an AM/FM/CD Player. On the other hand, the standard Jeep Compass Limited is sold for $19, 580 and it comes with a two wheel drive automatic, heated seats, cruise control, leather interior as well as dark tinted glass.

There are other options that characterize the Limited trim such as moldings aluminum accent, 18-inch aluminum wheels, reclining rear seats, speed sensitive power steering as well as flat folding passenger seats.