The Mazda 6: Perfect Family Car

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The Mazda 6There are some cars that are not made for the performance and speed but for the usability that they offer. These are known as family cars and they have been around for a long period of time. One of the world’s best family cars is the Mazda 6 and it has been voted by all around the world as the best of its class. It has the perfect features and specifications to be the ideal family car that can be used for all needs of the family.

The car has a normal four door configuration that allows maximum space utilisation and also makes sure that all of the family can be seated in it with ease. They have a nice boot with loads of space for carrying all the materials that a family needs to carry while travelling. Added to all this it has the standard safety features of the modern cars and thus it comes across as a complete family car.

The Mazda 6: a perfect family car

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The Mazda 6, MazdaWell an introduction in this article is enough by just mentioning the two awards received by Mazda 6, “Family Car” and “Estate automobile of the Year 2010”!! So you know what the Mazda 6 can do.

To start on Mazda 6 is the best you have in the family car sector of the market. It is well praised for its affordable price range, pleasure to drive, and plenty of fun gear have  been bundled on to make those boring long road trips fun-filled.

The best part is that being space, it can fit in 5 passengers. And the good news is easy foldable seats, to increase the storage space to store goods for carriage. In one word a perfect value for your money!!

Just glide through these stunning features of the Mazda 6:

  • Air-conditioning with weather control switches.
  • Gadget freaks have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A centre support console.
  • Automatic head-lamps.
  • Satellite navigation features.
  • Airbags, electronic brakes, emergency break, etc there is more to it which varies from model and version.


So to conclude Mazda 6 comes with remote control features and high end safety standards. So a perfect car for you, so are you going for a test drive??

The Mazda RX-7 – A Classic

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Japanese were the second largest economy of the world after USA, until the Chinese beat them hard recently acquiring the second spot. But, the Japanese still are one of the best car manufacturers and are known worldwide for their fidelity. The Mazda RX-7 is a great example of their contributions to the automobile world. The car was produced from 1978 to the end of 2002. The look of the car is based on a sports car model, as it was intended to.

It was built with a two-seater capacity and a 1.1 liter engine which could produce 100 HP. The transmission was available in three options; 3, 4 and 5 speed automatic/manual. The total weight of the car ranged from 1000-1100 Kg. This made the car very easy to handle and quick to accelerate. These were the specs for the first generation of RX-7 which dramatically changed with the newer versions.

Mazda MAZDA6

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Mazda MAZDA6 is an elegantly designed car, made by the Japanese auto giant, Mazda Company that can be used in many terrains. This qualifies it as an ideal vehicle for going places with and for meeting multi-functional driving needs. The car’s efficient utility and cosmic design makes it a top favorite in motor racing. It has featured in the World Challenge Tour since its inception in 2002. Its technological sophistication introduces automatic features including a multimedia setup for playing DVD and multiple CD entertainment. systems.

The Mazda6’s neat interior features automatic controls such as button-controlled ignition for the Grand Touring make. It has a high engine performance with fuel capacities of between 1.8 Liters to 3.7 liters. It has both manual and automatic 5-speed levels that make for great change of gears. Its medium sized body type has the capacity for four stylistically designed doors with fast opening and closing enhancement.

Mazda Tribute

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The Mazda is a model of a car that has been with us for a very long period of time. It has evolved over the years and now in this classic brand we have the Mazda tribute. It is almost similar to Ford Escape in its make except for the fact that it has a more stylish exterior. A major turnoff with this car is the fact that the makers insist on maintaining the old model. This is a major turn off because people nowadays want style and the latest the style. This however may not be entirely the case as some people prefer to have such old models as good memories of the good old days.

The Mazda tribute is a nice family car that has a sitting capacity of up to five people. It is important to note that this model has either a four or six cylinder engine capacity.