Mercury Grand Marquee

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The mercury Grand Marquee is a great car with a combination of old-school automotive engine and stout but heavily constructed body. It is a great choice for those who like space as it has a roomy interior, a plush and quiet ride. Dating back to the mid 70’s, it bridged the gap between the Ford and the Lincoln. It features hidden headlights and a chrome trim that accented the massive body. It also comes with features such as 17-inch alloy, a rear air suspension, automatic climate control, auto dimming rear view mirror, leather upholstery and CD player.

The mercury Grand Marquee is also available with the options of chrome wheels, heated front seats, power adjustable pedals and upgraded stereo. In 2003, it received a big alteration which featured the improvement of crash performance and handling. The changes also involved the standardization of the anti-lock and installation of the front side air bags. The car has had four generations each with its own body style.

Mercury Sable

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This is a one of kind model characterized by a 3.5 liter V6 in engine size. It is available as a front –wheel drive or all-wheel –drive version. The mercury sable also comes with a CD changer and stereo, heated mirrors and some climate control. Most people when buying cars look at the entertainment system present in the car. The more upgraded the system, the higher the chances of them liking it. The mercury sable has one more reason as to why any other person should fall in love with it. It has a sophisticated DVD system meant for the rear seat. This is a sure way of getting your kids to stay calm during trips as they would have something to keep them busy with movies or anything that may be entertaining to them.

The mercury Sable has 17 inch wheels and comfortable seats that offer comfort when driving. This unique ride helps save fuel as it is very economical and has over the past years been a darling to a number of celebrities one of them being, Clint Howard.

Mercury Mountaineer

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This one of a kind SUV is quite a sight to behold. The car made its debut entry in the market in the year 1991. This is the ideal family car as it is spacious. Though initially available in three trim levels the car is available today in two trim levels. These are the base and the premier. It has very unique qualities that have been passed down over the last two generations. These are the high ride quality and decent handling not forgetting its space availability.

There are exciting features of this car such as navigation system, a travel link and a state of the art entertainment system. The travel link enables one to know so much from the comfort of their car, information from this link includes gas prices, sports updates and even the latest in the entertainment industry. The mercury mountaineer is now available as a 5 or 7 sitter model just ideal for the standard family today. A person looking for comfort will without a doubt consider having this car.