2013 Toyota Tacoma 4X2

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2013 Toyota Tacoma 4X2, toyota car reviewThe 2013 Toyota Tacoma 4X2 is one of the most compact pickup truck which offers just the right size that a contractor needs to carry his ingredients or materials to the construction site. This truck is available in a number of varieties like Access Cab, Regular Cab, and Double Cab. You can use these variants according to the type of work you need to do.

It is available in both two and four wheel drive. Depending on the purpose you are looking for, you can select from amongst the above said varieties of the 2013 Toyota Tacoma 4X2. It comes with a 2.7 liter, 159 horse power inline-4 mated and 5 speed manual transmission engine. However you can also opt for a 5 speed auto transmission engine.

There are a host of safety options like the air bag and anti braking system. There are many other features present in this particular truck for which it is a real value for the money you spend on it.

Why invest in a Toyota Land Cruiser

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Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Toyota automobile company believes in launching a car model and going with it over changes and variations for years. Toyota Land Cruiser is a classic example of this phenomenon. First designed in 1951 as a heavy engine military truck for utility and defense purposes, the Toyota Land Cruiser has seen extensive changes in design prototype and engine capacity. The latest version of the Land Cruiser is a SUV best for long travels with comfort.

Toyota had been asked by the Japanese government to design a jeep that serves the military expeditions best. Over the years it has seen a truck version and classic military jeep looks. The latest version is a comfortable SUV with a 5.7 liter V8 engine that produces 381 HP power and 401 pound- feet torque. Elegant features like HID low-beam headlights and a six speed automatic transmission system for gearing up in seconds on the highway.

Toyota Land Cruiser: A Class Apart

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Toyota Land Cruiser, ToyotaAre you a car enthusiast looking for an ultimate car? Do you want the best return for your investment? Then investing in Toyota Land Cruiser is the best thing you can do. Toyota, a popular brand in the world of cars doesn’t compromise with the quality of the cars. Toyota Has designed its Land Cruiser to meet customer’s need and expectations.

There are few things and features which you won’t get with any other manufacturer. It’s a very tough car perfect for any type of road condition and area. You can get all the specifications and technical details of the car from the retailer. The suspension of the car is of very high quality capable of withstanding any sudden jerk or potholes. The engine is powerful enough to give you a completely tension free ride and awesome performance. Thus, drive away in glory in an ultimate car and turn heads as you pass.

Safety features of the Toyota Avensis

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Toyota Avensis, Toyota Avensis featuresThe Toyota Avensis is one of the best cars that the automobile company Toyota has to offer. However the model has been constantly overshadowed by the other more popular models of Toyota. This however does not take any credit away from the Avensis. The Avensis has some great features and can be compared to one of the best models from Toyota.

Some of the features of the Toyota Avensis are as follows:

1)     The safety features of Toyota Avensis are first class with nine air bags, including a knee bag for the driver. The car offers active headrests as well.

2)     The car takes safety measure to a new level by including traction control and anti lock brakes.

3)     Toyota Avensis is an extremely fuel efficient car and provides a mileage of 7 liters for every 100km travelled.

4)     The car is extremely easy and comfortable to drive around the city and the driver will not face a single glitch.

Toyota Cami: Must buy for adventure lovers

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One of the Toyota cars models which is a very good option for the ones who are into adventure trips is the Toyota Cami. This car has got different names in different countries, but locally it is known as Terios or Toyota Cami. The reason why adventure lovers would wish to purchase this car is that it has got a very powerful engine and body which can withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

The tires of this car are very strong and designed to face any kind of surface and weather conditions. The car interiors are very comfortable with some additional features which are not found in luxurious or other normal cars. This car has been specifically designed and manufactured for adventure activities. The price of the car has also been kept at a reasonable level so that people can afford to buy this intelligently manufactured car by the Toyota team.

Toyota tundra

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Introduced in the year 2000 it is a full size pickup truck manufactured by the Toyota motor corporation. It is available in two different body styles, 2-door regular cab and 4-door double cab and crewmax. The truck has a front engine and a rear wheel drive. Succeeded by the Toyota T100 it has some excellent features to its name. It was named as the TRUCK OF THE YEAR in the years 2000 and 2008 by the Motor trend magazine. The car has undergone a series of changes and has seen a total of two generation shifts.

There are many different varieties of tundra there is a Toyota tundra extended cab, a Toyota tundra step aside and a Toyota tundra regular cab. All these cabs come with certain tweaks to it. There are newer updates in the new 2010 version in the Tundra. It has had visual revamps especially in the backlights and the taillights region. The other major modifications include a platinum trim. There Is a completely new engine as well. And then to add to the safety of the almost safe care there is knee airbags for the passengers and has passed the entire test with great ratings.

Toyota Matrix

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The Toyota Matrix is available in XRS, S and base trim levels. The standard features for the base trim level include 16 inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, power mirrors, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, cruise control, power windows and CD stereo. The S trim level includes a window wiper on its rear, upgraded stereo, fog-lights and underbody spoilers. The XRS trim level has 18 inch alloy wheels, leather wrapped steering wheel and rear roof spoiler. The optional features for all the trim levels include a sunroof, and a CD changer built into the dash.

The base trim level comes with a 1.8 liter engine with 132 horsepower with a 5-speed manual transmission and an optional 4-speed automatic. The XRS and S trim levels have a 2.4 liter engine with 158 horsepower with a 5-speed manual transmission and an optional 5-speed automatic. Its safety features include stability lock, antilock brakes and airbags.