Honda Fit, HondaThe Honda Fit also known as Honda jazz is a hatchback subcompact with five doors manufactured by Honda, which was first introduced in 2001. The term Jazz is used in Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, some parts of Asia, and Africa.

The Honda Fit has a longer wheelbase as compared to its predecessor and is also longer and wider. The over all height is pretty unchanged but the interior height has increased by 3 inches. Two different engines are provided in the Honda Fit – 98 lbf•ft (133 N•m) with 4,500 rpm, and A 1.3 L (79 cu in) i-VTEC that will produce 98 hp (73 kW) at 6,000 rpm. A five speed automatic (4WD only), five speeds manual and a CVT transmission are made available. The new Honda Fit has an improved handling and ride. The Chassis has been re-engineered with a structural rigidity which is increased up to 164 % from the first generation Honda Fit. It also features a good cargo volume. The location of the fuel tank is not under the rear seats but under the front.


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