This one of a kind SUV is quite a sight to behold. The car made its debut entry in the market in the year 1991. This is the ideal family car as it is spacious. Though initially available in three trim levels the car is available today in two trim levels. These are the base and the premier. It has very unique qualities that have been passed down over the last two generations. These are the high ride quality and decent handling not forgetting its space availability.

There are exciting features of this car such as navigation system, a travel link and a state of the art entertainment system. The travel link enables one to know so much from the comfort of their car, information from this link includes gas prices, sports updates and even the latest in the entertainment industry. The mercury mountaineer is now available as a 5 or 7 sitter model just ideal for the standard family today. A person looking for comfort will without a doubt consider having this car.


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