Mercury Sable

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This is a one of kind model characterized by a 3.5 liter V6 in engine size. It is available as a front –wheel drive or all-wheel –drive version. The mercury sable also comes with a CD changer and stereo, heated mirrors and some climate control. Most people when buying cars look at the entertainment system present in the car. The more upgraded the system, the higher the chances of them liking it. The mercury sable has one more reason as to why any other person should fall in love with it. It has a sophisticated DVD system meant for the rear seat. This is a sure way of getting your kids to stay calm during trips as they would have something to keep them busy with movies or anything that may be entertaining to them.

The mercury Sable has 17 inch wheels and comfortable seats that offer comfort when driving. This unique ride helps save fuel as it is very economical and has over the past years been a darling to a number of celebrities one of them being, Clint Howard.


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