The Razor MX500 is a motorcross bike which you can gift to your kids. Children love this model and they feel like they are riding a real bike. The bike is recommended for those who are 14 years or older. The Razor MX500 is affordable and is easy to handle. The bike is also safe and environment friendly.

The Razor MX500 uses a 500 watt electric motor. This motor can give power to ride very fast, up to 17 mph. yet the bike is very quiet and will not disturb the neighborhood. You can ride the bike on any surface- pavement, dirt or even grass. The bike has dual suspension coupled with riser handle bars. The tires are knobby which makes it easier to ride on uneven surface.

Since the Razor MX500 is powered by electricity, you need to charge the bike for about 8 hours. You can charge the bike once a week, if it is not used much. Go through the manual instructions properly after you buy the bike. You can also check out the customer reviews.


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