Honda Prelude, HondaIf there ever has been one car that has kept all its core values intact and embracing the modern engineering at the same time, it undoubtedly has to be the Honda Prelude sports class. Launched first in the year 1979, this car has gone over a lot of changes in the years that came by but it has still retained its 2 door sports coupe look with which it was launched. Unlike the Ferrari or Porsche or Lamborghini, the Honda Prelude has always been about a smooth ride with finesse rather than macho, brute speed that exemplify the others mentioned above.

The latest and the 5th generation Honda prelude was the bulkiest ever with heavy duty machinery that outperformed its predecessors by a long distance. The 4 cylinder VTECH engine with 2.2 L and manual 5 speed transmission was by far the best performing model. The engine came with a whooping 200 HP and 16’ alloy wheels with lush interiors and sturdy exteriors to ensure a very comfortable yet classy ride.


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