sports carsDriving sports cars is fun. Speed is almost everything to it…although performance is central to it. Sports cars must be fast in a straight line although its capability in corners is not so important. Besides having speed it must be smooth while driving for awe-inspiring speed is of no use if the ride is not smooth. Depending on these features and some more we have selected out 3 most desired sports cars on 2013. Here is the story –

The first one in our list is Porsche 911. For several years Porsche has been ruling the sports car class. In spite of many revolutionary changes Porsche has managed to top the class again and again. Whether you drive a Carrera S or a Carrera 4 or a Carrera 4S or a rear-wheel Carrera Porsche 911 always offers a wonderful mix of speed, grip, performance, and cornering agility. 911 is no doubt expensive to buy. But is do real justice to the price for it is known for its lowest fuel consumption.

Second one is Ferrari 458 Italia. The car has won the crown of Best Performance Car twice at Auto Express New Car Awards. It is also considered as the finest sports car that money can buy. The price is no doubt high. Plus the fuel consumption of 20.6 mpg and steep road tax expanses and high insurances are the add-ons. However, it comes with 7-years of maintenance package. Moreover, the car is astoundingly easy to drive and the interior is awesome and classy. This adds two more feathers to the crown of the car.

Third one is Toyota GT 86. This car won the title of the best Performance car of 2012. This is one of the finest sports car models from the world’s largest-selling car manufacturer – Toyota. GT 86 is mostly preferred for the combination of its traditional sports car design and lightweight body along with rear-wheel and 197bhp 2.0 lit engines. Easy driving features and the beautifully carved chassis are the add-ons to its popularity.

These are the three best sports cars of 2013 according to me. So how many are you agree with me?


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