Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Toyota automobile company believes in launching a car model and going with it over changes and variations for years. Toyota Land Cruiser is a classic example of this phenomenon. First designed in 1951 as a heavy engine military truck for utility and defense purposes, the Toyota Land Cruiser has seen extensive changes in design prototype and engine capacity. The latest version of the Land Cruiser is a SUV best for long travels with comfort.

Toyota had been asked by the Japanese government to design a jeep that serves the military expeditions best. Over the years it has seen a truck version and classic military jeep looks. The latest version is a comfortable SUV with a 5.7 liter V8 engine that produces 381 HP power and 401 pound- feet torque. Elegant features like HID low-beam headlights and a six speed automatic transmission system for gearing up in seconds on the highway.


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